Directions Magazine

Directions: Navigating Through Ethical Challenges, by OK EthicsOur team just finished the design for “Directions: Navigating Through Ethical Challenges,” a commemorative magazine just published by OK Ethics.  The content is unique and timely from experts in a variety of fields such as Dr. Vince Orza, Dr. Gary Namie, Mike Strong, Jim Priest, Burns Hargis and many more.

The magazine shares helpful information about character intiatives for business success, workplace bullying, the competitive advantage of ethics, ethical decision making, ethics implications in today’s economic situation and more.

OK Ethics is excited to share this unique resource with all leaders who are interested in business ethics. You can download the entire publication for free by clicking here.

Series Promotion

This design was created for churches to promote upcoming series and enhance their environment in support of message-specific themes. The design was adapted for mailers, banners/signage, invite cards, bulletins, motion graphics and more.

ALIVE: Series Promotion

This design was created for churches to promote upcoming series and enhance their environment in support of message-specific themes.  The design was adapted for mailers, banners/signage, invite cards, bulletins, motion graphics and more.

OK Ethics Compass Awards Program (2008)

The Compass Award program was developed in 2003 by the Oklahoma Business Ethics Consortium, a statewide non-sectarian, nonprofit organization consisting of nearly 600 business leaders. The purpose of the awards is to promote integrity at work.

As a result of FullForce’s contribution to re-design the Compass Award program, our friends at OK Ethics nominated us for the 2008 Beacon Award of Oklahoma… and FullForce was honored to be awarded as a finalist! Click here to read the story.



Prairie Gals:  BugzAway Retail Labels

Packaging developed for BugzAway, an organic, all natural but spray.  Our goal with this design is to embody an natural earth-friendly feel, reflect the product’s upscale market positioning and also throw in a splash of fun.

This wrap-around label adheres to the spray bottle packaging for BugzAway.






Maschino, Hudelson & Associates

Maschino, Hudelson & Associates (MHA) specializes in employee benefits consulting and brokerage services.  As part of a project to solidify branding for MHA and provide educational and sales materials, this is a recent tri-fold brochure that FullForce created.

Soon, we’ll also complete a high-end branded folder/booklet as part of the project.






Fowler Productions, Inc.

This ad was recently created for Fowler Productions, Inc., a national multimedia company specializing in projection/display technology for churches and businesses.

This ad was used to advertise in the 2008 Catalyst Conference, but has also been re-purposed for several other advertising opportunities.






Prairie Gals

Prairie GalsPrairie Gals, LLC specializes in all-natural, organic products made only of the finest essential oils. FullForce partnered with Prairie Gals to create their unique logo, as well as branding for their amazing product, BugzAway. (Yeah, it really works too!).




OK Ethics

Oklahoma Business Ethics ConsortiumOK Ethics is a non-profit organization with over 600 business members that is recognized for Oklahoma values and promoting integrity at work.

FullForce was excited to create their new logo as part of their re-branding project.  This logo is much more flexible, scalable and user-friendly on a variety of surfaces than the previous one.


Lifechurch.tvKellian Schneider served as the Executive Director of Experiences for from 2004-2007 and lead the creative department.  This department included the graphic artist team, marketing team, video production team, central Host team, and the staging/environments team. Created new campus experience packages based on attendance and building layout (growing to twelve campuses across the nation!).  Also created the “packages” to be flexible and usable for new campuses as they are added.  Responsible to create sermon series branding for weekend experiences and all logos and branding, as well as all video and graphic curriculum support for LifeKIDS, LifeYouth, LifeGroups and LifeMissions. Also Kellian lead the Central Host Team (all weekend adult experience volunteers) and marketing efforts for

Vision Magazine

VisionKellian Schneider founded Vision Magazine in 2002 after identifying a need/opportunity to help pastors and church leaders in the United States to reach people in a way that they can relate to and understand. Interviewed leaders from some of the largest and fastest growing churches in America for the purpose of sharing their learnings and resources with others. Developed advertising sales program to fund the effort. Directed all production responsibilities of the VISION MagazineTM team with including writing, editing, layout, design, ad sales, promotions, public relations, interviews, and business development.